SQLBits X Sponsorship Experience

Update November 25th, 2012:

Ten days ago, James Rowland-Jones and Tim Kent contacted us and offered to settle below described issue by refunding half of SQLBits X Silver Sponsor Fee. We accepted their offer and have meanwhile received the payment.


SQLBits X is over, we hope you enjoyed it just like we did.

Upon our return we experienced the following:
James Rowland-Jones (Big Bang Data Company), the SQLBits organizer in charge of sponsorships, sent us a thank you letter including exactly 500 opt-in delegates email addresses.
We were quite surprised about that given the fact that the sponsorship pack included “Complete opt-in delegates email address list (approx. 4,000)”. When asking James Rowland-Jones about the missing email addresses we received the following answer:

From: James Rowland-Jones
Sent: 05 April, 2012 00:04
To: Carmen Pentek
Cc: Tim Kent
Subject: RE: Opt in list for SQLBits X

Hi Carmen,

This is a shame indeed. We found this issue in the sponsor pack and corrected it a while back. You don’t need to prove this to us. It was a case of one too many zeros. We have 4000+ in our database but only 400+ have opted in for 3rd party marketing from the event itself.

We thought we’d followed up with everyone about this particular error as we did realise that this could be an issue.

We have also had an unexpected challenge in synchronising the data from Regonline into our systems. We are working on this and hope to have news for you on this very soon. Tim will keep you updated. However, the list I have given you is the hottest part of the list (registrations from the most recent event that signed up for 3rd party marketing) so I didn’t want you or anyone else to have to wait for that. That said even when we are all done there is no chance that this list will get anywhere near 1000.

The bottom line here Carmen is that we want you to be happy with your SQLBits experience and we will be fair. I do understand that this was an important part of the event sponsorship for you. However, I am sure you will agree that it was a part of a bigger package and in all other areas I think we represented you both fairly and kindly. Rest assured that we will do the same with regards to this matter too.

… (Unrelated text, removed due to privacy)

Kind Regards, James

We have not heard back from James or Tim until now… ;o(


5 thoughts on “SQLBits X Sponsorship Experience

  1. Contact one of the sponsors from the previous SQLBits events and ask how many opt-in email addresses were given at that time.

  2. I suggest you contact Simon Sabin or Christian Bolton to get that sorted.

    • No, we paid the full Silver Sponsorship fee as described in the Sponsorship pack, no zero omitted :o

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